Friday, April 2, 2010

It Has Been a Busy Month!

We all recovered from the bad Winter Snows.  Fortunately, we made the right move and had two dead trees removed along with some shrubbery.  Had they been left, we would have had damaged shrubs from the heavy snows and probably a tree coming down into our bedroom!  I am surprised we had good timing.  Like with the Stock Market plummit, I had cashed in on them literally weeks before they devalued.  I used it to pay off some large debts and help get our credit out of the depths of the deep, dark and murky waters of Experion!

Good news that I had gotten a new job in January that was an hourly wage plus commission.  Bad news is that we will officially be laid off as of March 28th.  So I am updating my resume and all of the job sites on the Internet.  I have lost count of how many times I have applied for manager, account representative, customer service supervisor, etc.  Anything that sounds like I am familiar with the field they reside in.  I even applied to markets I would never even think of like automotive, electronics and, one of my favortites, fashion.  One funny note:  I applied to my ex-husband's company which had fired him a couple of years ago.  Seems he had been there for so many years but his salary was not proportionate to his tenure with them.  Forget the fact that he really doesn't win friends or influence enemies and can test the patience of Job.  Never that he offends people right and left and is disrespectful of both employee and vendor alike.  Well, at least he doesn't discriminate.  So he hired a LAWYER!  Yes!  And next thing you know, within two weeks he was let go.  What a surprise!  But wouldn't it be hoot if they hired me?  And in the same department he was fired from?  I am glad the last name Cohen is pretty common and hopefully the HR person won't put it together in their minds.  Working in Center City night be nice for a change.

Anyway, dear Reader, if there are more than one of you out there, I am keeping busy in my own little way.  Knitting, crocheting, scrapbookking (vacation WAS 3 months ago) and generally trying to stay out of trouble.  That translates to not shopping for extranneous goods and resisting the temptation to eat my way out of a depression!  I am going to make a vow here and now:  I intend to drop at least 10 pounds by the end of April.  Since it is already the 2nd, I am not pulling a prank.  I will cut portions, eat healthier and get more exercise.  I will not throw myself into so that I am sure to fail.  And I don't think easing into this will make me a wimp.  No drugs to help just me trying to get rid of this fat!  I don't want to be an obese person anymore. 

I forced myself to watch a show on Discovery Health Channel called "One Ton Mom".  This poor sould was 29 years old and weighed almost 1000 pounds.  I was shocked.  Do you know how much you have to eat just maintain that weight not to mention slather on more?  It shocked me into action.  I had that AH HA moment I have heard about.  If I may get prosaic, an epiphany.  Really.  So, no jelly beans at Easter, even with the excuse of it being for the grandkids.  No Matzah either since I can go through half a pound in one sitting with butter spread over it.  Just pure carbs and not very good ones either.  I am cutting out the bread in leavened or unleavened form.

So, as of tonight, I am greedily watching my son eat half a chocolate donut, yeah where is his religious conviction.  But I sit here on the laptop with diet soda in my cup.  All right, I hear you and will switch to water after this one.  But I must say, this blog will help in a cathartic way and I can vent to the Internet and won't worry I am being whiny!

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