Thursday, April 22, 2010

Discrimination is not color or race-related sometimes

I am not a skinny person, never have been and probably never will! All my life I have been overweight. I am fat. Very simple. Not chunky, big-boned, stocky, nor plump-pleasantly or otherwise. However, I do take a great offense to the headline today about how ABC refused to air and FOX wanted to edit the new Lane Bryant ad.

Here it is via YouTube:

Highlight the link above and paste it into a new tab to view the commercial. Go ahead, I will wait. No really, go watch it. It is only a minute if that.

So, what did you think? Yes, it is a fat woman in lingerie. Fat women have a sex life believe it or not. They are able to carry on a relationship. And she is really pretty too. All curves. So why did the networks have such problems? They air the Victoria Secret ads during prime time television all the time. The ads are every bit as suggestive. Maybe even more so.

I suppose it dispels the myth that fat people sit at home eating pastries and watching Wheel of Fortune. How could a woman who is not built like a stick figure ever have any kind of life? I will tell you how. The woman in these ads are happy in their bodies. They are probably physically and mentally more balanced than the typical runway model. Whatever happened to the "full-figured" of the past? Marilyn Monroe dress size was a 16 on average. May West had no shortage of admirers. And Jane Russell launched a whole line of lingerie designed for real women. Going back to Napoleanic times, champagne glasses were formed by the size and shape of Marie Antionette's breast and the capacity of said glass was not the size of a shot!

I am tired of trying to buy skinny girls' clothes just blown up to fit a larger size. It reminds me of "Silly Putty" after it picks up an image from the comics and pulling it like taffy-it never looks the same. Lane Bryant and other retailers realize there is a, pardon the expression, large segment of the buying public who appreciate the thought that they should have a cloting line designed just for them. It tickled me to no end when a thin woman wanted to know if a dress came in a smaller size while shopping with her plus-sized friend. The salesperson turned to her very pleasantly and told the skinny a** to go to another store as they cannot accomodate her here. Yes! Buh Bye!

And so, as America has come to realize that real women DO have curves and can obviously turn on the men in their life, I have begun to appreciate the man in my life who loves ME, not my dress size!

Love and hugs,

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  1. Ya know, Beth, I appreciate your honesty here. I get called the "skinny girl" all the time. I'm not that skinny in reality - I'm 5 foot 5 inches and weigh about 133 lbs. Sounds average to me. But, as you know, my weight has been the victim of my health problems. My actual stomach hates me and produces too much acid - not nice - it actually hurts. But that's a side note in some ways. I am offended by the Victoria's Secret ads that look like the beginning of a porno movie. I may be thin, but I don't look like that! Never have and never will. I've had three kids! My hips will prove it. I could never wear, with such confidence, the things shown on the V.S. Angels commercials. I think that L.B.'s commercial was only made racey because of the lady's voice. Change out the theme, keep the image and the visual was fine. I would rather my daughters see a healthy woman on the tv rather than an emaciated(sp?) rail on tv.