Sunday, February 19, 2017

Another Day!

Take the good with the bad kind of day today. Let's start with the hashtags...#boyscouthusband #Pfeifferboys #lovemyfamily 

Baked rigatoni was perfect! Packed up all the other parts to our dinner with our kids. So far ok. Right? It's a pretty drive up to Reiglesville on a beautiful day. 

Remember the snow? On a dirt road it makes for mud. Neither one of us remember which is the street to turn off of Rt 212 but, yay!, found it! Then Larry says, "Is that the driveway?" I take that as to turn there. Uh oh! This only leads to the horse stable, no connection to Mike's place. I turn the car around and attempt to surmount the mud at the end. Several tries but our sedan is not an ATV! All 4 wheels caked in mud! Husband now named Mr WRONG, tries. I call and tell Donna our predicament. Mike & Jake trek down to assist. I go pet the very nice horse. More good! With Mike at the wheel, his dad directs him over the drier weeds and out. Jake and I make our way to the lower drive. More mud! I step in a divot and I hear and feel that mud sucking my foot down. At least the ground was soft when I fell. Grandson Jake helped me up. My shoes and socks are soaked. I'm embarrassed I fell. 

BUT! Dinner was great! Had a wonderful afternoon and evening with the kids and grandkids. Heard about cyber school, college plans and amazed at how much better my 16 year old granddaughter is better with makeup than I am! So proud of them all. Love them to bits. We laughed, I teared up a couple times, had fun!

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