Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's Cook!

I have always been interested in cooking! My great-grandfather emigrated from Russia at the turn of the century. He was a baker in the city of Kiev. He brought his craft across Europe along with his wife and five children, landing in Philadelphia, PA. They settled and after several years he helped to form the Baker's Union. 

Most of my great Aunts were good cooks. My grandmother, the second oldest daughter, was not only a wonderful cook but also a fabulous baker. My mom learned from her and so did I. My fondest memories were sitting at the table, reading the recipe out loud and helping with each step! 

A lot of recipes were never written down, just passed along from mother to daughter. In our family households, there was an empty yarhtzeit (commemoration of a death) glass used as a measuring cup. Yes ma'am! It was usually 8 ounces and you eyed the amount. Close enough! This leads to the way my mom and most notably, my grandmother, cooked. To this day use a bissel (little bit) of this and that. Whether Chili or chicken Soup I still  shetteryne .  (To cook without a recipe.  Add a little of this, 
a little of that, a little of something else, without measuring.)

The only times I had a recipe become a flop, is when ingredients were left off of the list. 

Well, I will try out some new recipes, take photos and hope for a good review!

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