Monday, September 5, 2011

Teal Toes and the Silent Whisperer

September is among other things, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  People across the world are celebrating and marking it in many different ways.  Some are painting their toes teal and there are lists of various manufacturers who will donate back if you buy their polish.  Here is a list of some companies who are helping to support Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) as posted on the website,

Diamond Cosmetics -- They have just come out with their newest shade "Don't Teal My Heart Away" and are donating 25 cents per bottle sold to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Barielle's new Wildflower Collection donates all proceeds to OCRF.  Purchase directly fromOCRF's store.  See Beauty Judy's shots of this collection.

Priti Polish is supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with their Tulip Tree Teal.  They are donating 10% to Nancy's List.

Karma Organic Spa is also carrying the "Don't Teal My Heart Away" and donating 20% toNOCC.

In order to express support of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Week (HBOC), suggest to paint a pink ribbon on top of your teal toes to support those with BRCA gene mutations!

There are teal silicone bracelets to wear, teal ribbons in a variety of styles, bumper stickers...all things are available these days as they are for other Causes.

One of the utmost things to remember is that Ovarian Cancer is a "silent killer". Many women do not know they have it until they are at Stage 3 when most hope for remission is a low percentage. Many times, symptoms of other diseases are akin to those of OVCA. and your GP may not attribute them to the right thing. Sometimes the symptoms of bloating and unrelieved gas pains sends you to a GI specialist instead of your GYN. Even pain with intercourse may be overlooked or ignored because of the embarrassment women can feel.

The above symptoms NEED to be mentioned to your GYN.  If you are at high risk due to family history or carrying the BRCA genetic mutation, insist on the CA-125 blood test every year!  Although this is not the very best of detection devices, it takes some of the guesswork out.

Along with the blood work,  the wonderful (I am being sooo sarcastic here) trans-vaginal ultrasound is a must. Yes, it can be extremely humiliating if you have never had one before and if the technician is totally in-compassionate, you need to steel yourself to go back the following year and the year after and so on. This test may find growths or possible malignancies and lead to finding out how severe or inconsequential they may be. Without the test, you are asking to flip a coin and decide which can be even more detrimental to your health.

If you or someone you know complains of any of the symptoms I described above, please get to a medical professional. Better to test and breathe easy that it is nothing. 

Remember, Ovarian Cancer is stealthy, it is termed the "silent killer" for a very good reason.


Please remember I am not a doctor or medical professional. If you EVER have any symptoms or problems, PLEASE see your health care provider ASAP!

Love and hugs,

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  1. Beth!!!! I've learned how to read my blog stats & traffic sources. In any case, I've had people come to my blog due to your having me in your blog roll!!!! THANKS a gazillion. Your post today is informative. We need to do everything we can to safe guard our futures.

    Thanks, again!