Monday, January 3, 2011

The Past Year Review

I have now passed the mark on being 50! Pretty uneventful. Nothing happened to change the world just because one more person is now eligible for AARP. I gained no more wisdom than I had the previous 49 years. I have not written the Great American Novel, hosted a cooking show or found a cure for anything.

Here is what I did glean from my past Half Century and this year:

1. I remember to recite the "Serenity Prayer" when vexed. In the time it takes to say it, I am either no longer at odds or calm enough to deal with it.

2. The speed limit sign on the Garden State Parkway is just a very mild suggestion to NJ motorists.

3. There is no way to stop, alleviate or slow down the aging process. We must grow old gracefully if we can and spend your hard-earned money on helping others if you are so fortunate as to have that kind of income. (My apologies to Dr. B!)

4. PAY IT FORWARD! If someone helped you, please remember to try and do the same for someone else. This does not have to be lauded to the public on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on the Internet. If you did it, savor the self-knowledge.

5. The phrase my dad loved to use, "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig", echoes in my mind at this year's end. In other words, I learned to pick my battles much better. I still make mistakes with this but find it easier to sleep at night.

6. Saying good-bye to friends as they become Angels in our midst is harder than I thought. Two women who bravely fought Cancer have been laid to rest. I remember how they touched my life and impacted it so well. Goodbye Caryn and Janet. You are missed.

7. There is no way to argue with teenagers; refer back to #5!

8. We are all capable of doing great things. As a positive example, I have a friend from high school who participated in the Iron Man event and she did exceptionally well. Another has made a name for himself in the surgical oncology field and has saved countless lives of our fellow alumni and friends. Going above and beyond is admirable to strive towards.

9. I learned how to blog, tweet, use the Nook and NookColor and develop a website!

10. Read a book not in your usual repertoire. Flex those brain cells. Treat them like your muscles; you lose them if you don't use them!

11. Finally, I realized that nobody will make things happen except for YOU. The best advocate is your own voice. NEVER stop being proactive in regard to your health and enrich your life with knowledge. As we say in Judaism, "Be a woman of valor."

As always, I still like to promote FORCE on my blog and will continue to do so. If just one person's life can be made into a longer one, I have served a great purpose and higher purpose. Please share any of the links on the FORCE website with others.

The FORCE website is a wealth of information. This link shares a brief, very clear overview of how our "genes" work. Read on ....Hereditary Cancer and Cancer Genetics

Love and hugs,

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  1. I enjoyed reading your musings about turning 50. That was so long ago for me. I don't think I even gave it much thought. I was just happy to celebrate it as I am every birthday that comes my way.