Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Creative Knitting | Easy Knitting for Everyone

Creative Knitting | Easy Knitting for Everyone

As the Holidays approach, I am constantly looking for something new to make. I will probably get the supplies for this one and work on it during the year. Then the biggest question looms in the background as I knit: To whom do I give this away to? It is very hard to part with a creation like this let alone make the decision. Will the receiver appreciate it? Will they take care of it the way I would? The answers are not as important as the love transferred to the giftee from the gifter! I have been brought to tears hearing stories from relatives about the baby blankets I have made and sent off to the tiny recipients. I am so glad that the love I knitted or crocheted into every stitch was received so well.

Well, I have plenty of projects to tend to and blogging will never help get them done! Looking forward to making presents and one day even making something for me!

Love and hugs,

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